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This page features George Ford Morris Personal Greeting Cards or Note Cards. I don't think these are exceedingly rare. One of the Green Pastures cards mentions that the GFM greeting card list is over 500.

Also, I will include a few pictures of some of the notations from the backs of the pieces that were pictured on earlier pages

I am always looking to buy more George Ford Morris pieces

GFM set of 5 Note Cards

The back of Man O' War mentions that these were given as a group
They are miniature photographs
GFM would glue these to Greeting Cards and mail them to friends and family
He also must have used them as note cards

GFM Note Card from 1942

The Godolphin Arabian
Unlike many of these cards, the entire card is printed

GFM Listening Mare of The Anazeh Christmas Card dated 1944

This card is blank so I don't know the date it was sent

GFM Friendly Greeting Card

This card is dated October 10 1948
GFM talks about working day and night on his book
He hoped to publish it the following year, but it would take several more years
This is the largest of these cards at 5 1/8 by 7 1/2 inches

GFM Christmas & New Years Cards from 1948

These are cards with small photographs glued on
I have 2 copies of Green Pastures, so there are 2 different greetings pictured

GFM Christmas & New Years Card from 1949

This card mentions working on his book which is Portraitures of Horses
It wasn't published until 1952

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