Grand Wood Carvings

Grand Wood horses and animals are carved figurines that were produced from 1939 until 1983. They continued to make furniture pieces until 2000 when they closed. Their best horses and animals were carved from South American Mahogany, although they also used pine, ash and Walnut. Some were painted or stained different colors, so there are lots of variations. The basic design was carved by machine and then finished by hand, so they are a combination of machine and hand carving.

Many of the horses they produced were named after real horses, including famous racehorses. The 8 inch Whirlaway may look familiar to all you Breyer collectors. Breyer and Grand Wood Carvings both produced this horse. They are also both from Chicago. I suspect that the carver for Grand Wood copied the Breyer horse. Some larger horses were produced on a base with a brass nameplate telling you who the horse was. Some small horses were sold with a band around their belly that identified who the horse was. These bands are usually lost so it's rare to find one with a band. Others were sold with hang-tags or stickers.

Generally, Grand Wood horses aren't as realistic as Breyer or Hagen Renaker horses. They are American Folk Art horses and should be considered as Folk Art, not an attempt to produce a realistic horse, although some are truly stunning. These horses were quite expensive when new. I have a 1982 price list that has them at $30 for a colt to $175 for the Morgan Prince.

I wish I knew more about Grand Wood. I have very little paperwork. I would love to hear from anyone who knows more, or has any brochures or price lists.

I am always looking for paperwork, and pieces or variations, that I don't have pictured here. It doesn't have to be horses. I collect anything Grand Wood made.

Grand Wood produced many more pieces than are pictured in these pages.

These pages are dedicated to Laura Scarsdale who loved these horses so much. She collected them for over 40 years. I bought many of these Grand Wood horses from her Estate. I've tried to add to them, and cherish them as she did. I think this would have pleased her.

Large Horses

Grand Wood 14 Inch Morgan Prince # 563

This is the largest and most expensive Grand Wood horse
He cost $175 in 1982

Grand Wood "Talk of The Town" Famous Tennessee Walking Horse # 349

3 Time World Champion Walking Horse

Grand Wood 9 1/2 Inch Percheron # 157

Grand Wood 8 1/2 Inch Clydesdale

Grand Wood 9 Inch Mule

Carved in Pine
This mule is partially finished
It came from the factory archives and may have never been produced
If anyone has seen another one, I would love to hear from you

Grand Wood Arabian Witez 2

Grand Wood Arabian Stallion # 253

Grand Wood Arabian Mare & Foal # 249

Grand Wood Famous Racehorse Man O' War

1920 Preakness and Belmont Winner
Also comes mounted on a base with a name plaque

Grand Wood Famous Racehorse War Admiral

1937 Triple Crown Winner

Grand Wood Famous Racehorse Whirlaway # 330

1941 Triple Crown Winner
Breyer apparently copied this horse to make their racehorse

Grand Wood Famous Racehorse Armed # 322

Grand Wood Famous Racehorse Citation # 331

1948 Triple Crown Winner
I have an unusual page that shows Citation partially carved.

Grand Wood Famous Racehorse Swaps

1955 Kentucky Derby Winner

Grand Wood Gaited Horse Tyrack

I have an unusual page that shows Tyrack partially carved.

Grand Wood Large Saddlebred

Grand Wood Quarter Horse Nugget on Base

The offside has a plaque that says Nugget Quarter Horse

Grand Wood Wild Stallion In Wind

Unfinished, This horse was sold without a base
The top part of the base would have been cut away before this horse was sold
The bottom base was added by the previous owner who purchased this horse from the Factory Archives

Grand Wood Thoroughbred on Base # 360

Grand Wood Saddle Horse # 194

Mahogany and Pine versions

Grand Wood Saddle Horse # 194

I'm unsure what type of wood this one is made of

Grand Wood Mahogany 10 Inch Arabian Horse Head Wall Hanger

Grand Wood Mahogany 10 Inch Western Horse Head Wall Hangers # 93 & 94

Grand Wood Mahogany 10 Inch Western Horse Head Wall Hanger # 93

This horse is much more detailed and finely decorated than a normal piece
It was made as a special order for a dignitary
A smaller pair of horse heads is pictured with the smaller horses

Grand Wood Mahogany Western Horse Head 18 Inch Oval Wall Plaque

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