HR Music Boxes

The sign and the pottery pieces for the Music Boxes were made by Hagen Renaker. The Music Boxes were assembled by B & W International. At least 20 different Music Boxes were produced. These Music Boxes are unique because pieces were manufactured at both factories. The mini animals were made in San Dimas, except for the goldfish. It was produced at San Marcos along with the bases and other pottery pieces. The Springer Spaniel doesn't look right, but I've seen 3 of them. They were all attached upside down on the base. I think they were probably made later by B & W from leftover parts.

Hagen Renaker Mini Cocker Spaniels & Hound Dog Music Boxes

Hagen Renaker Cat Music Boxes

The goldfish mini was made in San Marcos
It is pretty unusual for San Marcos to make miniatures
They did make Roller Skating Bears in San Marcos but they sold them as DWs

Hagen Renaker Ostrich Music Box

Hagen Renaker Dolphin Music Box

Hagen Renaker Raccoon Music Box

Hagen Renaker Skunk Music Box

Hagen Renaker Duck Music Box

Hagen Renaker Frog Music Box

Hagen Renaker Chipmunk Music Box

Hagen Renaker Mini Owl Music Box

Hagen Renaker Mini Owl Music Box With a Different Base

Hagen Renaker Mini Penguin Music Box

Hagen Renaker Mini Pig Music Box

Hagen Renaker Mini Elephant Music Box

Hagen Renaker Mini Springer Spaniel Music Box

This music box was probably made later than the others
The base is the same as the Cocker Spaniel base except it is inverted

Music Box Brochure

B & W International Brochure

The top photograph is reversed so all the pieces face the wrong direction

I am always looking for more music boxes or any information on them. Thank You for all you help

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