Hagen Renaker Bears

This page shows pictures of DW and Mini Bears. The Roller Skate Bears are mini size but they were sold as DWs.

Hagen Renaker Designers Workshop Grizzly Bears

8 inches tall
A Monrovia version, San Marcos white and a San Marcos brown bear are on top
The bottom row features 3 San Dimas bears
The red bear is very rare
A gold San Marcos version was also produced

Hagen Renaker Designers Workshop Polar Bear

Monrovia, 3 3/4 inches tall

Hagen Renaker Designers Workshop Koala Bear

San Marcos only, 5 inches tall, Also available in matte finish

Hagen Renaker Mini Koala Bears and Koala Tree

Hagen Renaker Mini Bear Family

Produced 1949 and 1950

Hagen Renaker Mini Angry Bear

The two pictured top left are a mold variation

Hagen Renaker Mini Angry Bear Cubs

Hagen Renaker Mini Grizzly Bear and Cubs

The mama bear lower left is a test color

Hagen Renaker Mini Grizzly Bear Looking Up and Cubs

Hagen Renaker Mini Black Bear

Hagen Renaker Specialty and Mini Polar Bears

The Piano Player Polar Bear was issued with an open or a closed mouth and eyes
The two larger Polar Bears on base were issued as Specialy Pieces

Hagen Renaker Mini Bisque Roller Skating Bears

Produced 6 months in 1983, These were sold on the DW sales sheets

Hagen Renaker Mini Ski Bears

Hagen Renaker San Dimas Mini Bears and Beehives

Aurasperse and glossy Bears and Beehive pictured

Hagen Renaker Mini Bear Boxed Sets

A Monrovia Aurasperse set of Bears with beehive was also produced
I love how the beehive hangs from the top of the box when closed

Hagen Renaker Teddy Bears

The wrong way baby teddy bear pictured on the top shelf is hard to find
The black teddy bears are test colors
The baby teddy was used for Michael's Teddy Bear, pictured on the Disney page

Hagen Renaker Specialty Bear Family

Also issued as miniatures without the base

Hagen Renaker Mini Bear Family

Also issued as a Specialty piece on base

Hagen Renaker Mini Bear with Honey

Hagen Renaker Papa Panda

The smaller Panda is a matte painted Stoneware test piece

Hagen Renaker Panda Bears

The pink nose variety is a later issue

Hagen Renaker Panda Bears

Produced 1978 and 1979

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