Hagen Renaker Goats, Sheep, Llamas and Pigs

Hagen Renaker Rare Designers Workshop Goats Heidi, Gretchen & Peterli

Monrovia, Gretchen is 4 1/2 inches tall
Gretchen and Peterli were produced as black and white goats in San Dimas (Alpine Goats)
Gretchen was modified in San Marcos and renamed Heidi's Goat

Hagen Renaker Designers Workshop Alpine Goat

Rare San Dimas variety of Gretchen and Peterli

Hagen Renaker Designers Workshop Heidi's Goat

San Marcos, The matte variation is missing her bell

Hagen Renaker Designers Workshop Nubian Goats

San Marcos only, The Doe is 5 inches tall

Hagen Renaker Miniature Papa Goat

Monrovia Brown, San Dimas Grey and a gorgeous example from the Maureen Love Estate

Hagen Renaker Miniature Goat Kids

Monrovia brown pair, San Dimas brown pair and two variations of San Dimas white

Hagen Renaker Miniature Test Color Goat Kids

These are all test color Goat Kids

Hagen Renaker Mini Nubian Goats

Hagen Renaker Mini Goat Family

Hagen Renaker Mini Saanen Goats

Hagen Renaker Designers Workshop Bighorn Rams

7 1/4 inches tall
Monrovia white, San Marcos white and San Marcos gold on the top row
The bottom row are all San Dimas

Hagen Renaker Designers Workshop Ram's Head

Never Produced by Freeman McFarlin

7 1/4 inches tall
Designed by Maureen Love
Produced by Hagen Renaker only
Marked HR # 61 on the bottom

Hagen Renaker Mini Bighorn Sheep

Hagen Renaker Designers Workshop Sheep Lady Jane

4 inches tall, Monrovia, San Dimas and 2 San Marcos variations pictured

Hagen Renaker Designers Workshop Lamb Son Jon

2 3/4 inches tall, Monrovia, San Dimas and San Marcos variations

Hagen Renaker Specialty Nativity Sheep

Hagen Renaker Specialty Lamb With Bell

The Lamb with a red collar is a test color

Hagen Renaker Mini Early Sheep Family

The mother Sheep was made in 1949 only

Hagen Renaker Early Miniature Lambs

Hagen Renaker Mini Sheep Mama

Hagen Renaker Mini Lambs

Hagen Renaker Mini Test Color Sheep

These are slightly different test colors
The black you see on the bellies are numbers that show the paints used on each

Hagen Renaker Mini Early Lamb Reworked

The 2 lambs on the left are recent test pieces
The early legs together lamb was reworked to legs apart and re-issued
The first lamb pictured is a test piece using the original mold

Hagen Renaker Miniature Llamas

Hagen Renaker Designers Workshop Pigs From 1970

These pigs are rare, The large pig is 2 3/4 inches tall
The piglet sitting up was copied from Freeman McFarlin but never produced
This one could be the only one ever produced
A smaller version of the piglet standing was made as a mini

Hagen Renaker Designers Workshop Pig Family

San Marcos only, The mama pig is 8 inches long

Hagen Renaker Early Mini Pig Creamer

Called a toothpick holder by most collectors
This pig is actually a creamer, since it has a pour hole for a mouth

Hagen Renaker Mini Early Pigs

These spotted pigs came in a white or light pink base color

Hagen Renaker Mini Wart Hog and Wild Pig

Hagen Renaker Mini Aerobic Pigs

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