Hagen Renaker Reptiles and Amphibians

This page shows pictures of some Hagen Renaker Reptiles and Amphibians

Hagen Renaker Designers Workshop Tommy Turtle

Made in 1955 only, 4 inches long
Also produced wearing a sailors Gob hat with a long streamer attached

Hagen Renaker Designers Workshop Rare Turtle

Spring of 1966 Only, 5 1/2 inches long

Hagen Renaker Test Mold Boy and Specialty Girl on Tortoise

These two boys are test molds
The boy was made smaller and modified for release on the Sea Turtle in the fall of 2008
The girl on the left is a test color

Hagen Renaker Specialty Sea Turtle

Hagen Renaker Mini Turtles


Hagen Renaker Specialty Iguana

Hagen Renaker Mini Cobra in Basket

Hagen Renaker Mini Alligators

Hagen Renaker DW Frog Prince and Frogs Daniel and Clem

The Frog Prince and Frog are San Marcos pieces, They can be identified by their sgraffito eyes
The frog top right was Maureen Love's personal frog
The matte finish frog was Maureen Loves personal frog and is impressed HR
Daniel and the Frog Prince are from very similar molds
DW Monrovia frogs also came in matte finish
Monrovia and San Dimas versions of Daniel and Clem are pictured

Hagen Renaker Test Mold Stoneware Frog on Stump

The stump is different than on the normal piece, and this set is one solid piece
The regular issued set is two separate pieces glued together

Hagen Renaker Stoneware and Specialty Frog Prince

Hagen Renaker Specialty Mouse Bride and Frog Groom

Hagen Renaker Specialty Dancing Frogs

Hagen Renaker Specialty Toadally Brass

Hagen Renaker Specialty Froggie Mountain Breakdown

Hagen Renaker Frog Music Box

Pottery Pieces produced by Hagen Renaker and assembled by B & W International

Hagen Renaker Mini Frog on Stump

HR Mini Frogs with Tadpole, and Frogs with Mushrooms

Both sets are Aurasperse and rare,The mushroom set is normally 3 pieces
This set has a white Aurasperse mushroom added

Hagen Renaker Miniature Leap Frogs Test Piece

The feet and legs are positioned differently in this piece
Also the mouth is open on the sitting frog, but was closed on the version that was released
The frogs were separated and sold individually
They are pictured below

Hagen Renaker Miniature Frogs

Hagen Renaker Miniature Tadpole

This Black Bisque Tadpole was made in the fall of 1960 only
The glossy version is a new re-issue

Hagen Renaker Mini Salamander

The yellow Salamander is a test color

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